Experience is everything…


Give customers what they want… or risk losing them

Manual, PDF and paper-based forms are outdated and damage customer relationships online. Learn how Bang and IBM are turning around the online customer experience.


​The Challenge

IBM approached Bang wanting to promote their IBM Forms Experience Builder; a solution for migrating cumbersome PDF forms online to create a better customer experience.

The issue? Customers expect more than a static web experience! Printing and filling out clumsy, cumbersome PDF forms – along with confusing processes – are a big turn off.

We wanted to reach out primarily to marketing and online managers who oversee the customer-facing online experience. But we also kept operations and HR people in mind, because this audience deals with internal “customers” or staff – and the larger the business – the more important it is for internal processes to be automated with web forms.

The Solution

We set to work on an overall theme, creating a series of nurture eDMs leading to a campaign Microsite – all supported by Telemarketing. The eDMs centred around a hero eBook called “Experience is Everything” filled with the latest insights and statistics about delivering a better web experience.

Highly targeted eDMs made statements and posed questions like: “Is a good online experience too much to ask?”, and “Your customers have spoken. And they want more” – accompanied by compelling statistics detailing what happens when organisations neglect the customer experience, and what positive results await for those that get it right.

The Results

The campaign immediately captured the market’s attention. In addition to the hero eBook, audiences were offered a chance to download a series of case studies and data sheets which helped to further illustrate the solution.

Finally – we encouraged people to register for a free ROI assessment and solution demo. With the help of telemarketing, numerous sales appointments and leads were delivered.

We’re also proud to report our creative was rolled out and used for global IBM marketing campaigns outside of Australia.