We’re a data first brand, digital and creative agency taking a human approach to how audiences experience your brand. Whilst our heritage is in B2B and technology marketing, you’ll also find us taking on interesting challenges for other customer segments too.

So if you have a brand, communications or demand generation project that you need help with, come have a chat with us. We love a challenge.



We like to approach any project by following our mantra - led by strategy, inspired by design, driven by data. But what does that actually mean? Put simply it’s about approaching each project, brief or client challenge with a methodology and process which is supported by data science, design, and a passion for meaningful creative transformation.

By combining these elements we are able to elevate your organisation as we help guide you towards greater success and sustained growth.

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A strategic brand story is born

Strategy, Branding, Websites, Design, Development

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Developing a creative strategy to localise a global brand.

Campaigns, Digital, Media

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A Wiiser way to sell.

Digital, Websites

At Bang we have worked with a range of B2B companies and have noticed 5 key mindsets that need to shift when it comes to marketing in this sector. Read the article to see how you can maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

News, Strategy

Brand storytelling is a powerful method for communicating important messages from your business that connect with your audience in a particularly human way. Explore how you can tell your brand's story and the impact it could have on your business.  

News, Branding

Most business to business (B2B) marketers understand the essentials when it comes to digital marketing and an online presence. Beyond essentials, let’s take a look at some of the more innovative, creative and cutting-edge digital marketing tactics that have emerged as a powerful way to engage potential customers.  

Trends, Digital, Strategy, Design, Development, Data, ABM