How to give a product demo a sprinkle of movie magic

For our unsuspecting audience, a relaxing night at the movies almost turned ugly when it was revealed that someone forgot the popcorn! Fortunately Cisco’s new collaboration platform – Jabber – was there to save the day.


​The Challenge

We have a tool that helps you collaborate on projects. So to demonstrate it, we need a project. But how do we make people care enough to pay close attention? More importantly, how do we make it fun?

The Solution

Take them to the movies. And give them an important problem that must be solved: where’s the popcorn?

Enter our hero. Jabber allows you to communicate by voice, video, instant messaging, desktop sharing…pretty much any way you like to operate. Projected up on the big screen, our team collaborated live, using Jabber on their smart phones and laptops. Within 10 minutes the popcorn had been located, couriered, and served to a hungry audience.

Delivering a memorable experience is the most effective way to build a brand. We gave the audience a reason to care about the demo.

The Process

Exclusive viewings of the box-office hits Prometheus and James Bond’s Skyfall were held in six locations across Australia and NZ, including drinks, canapés and a live demonstration before the film.

Bang handled every detail. We developed the creative concept, produced the content and event collateral and set up the launches. We took care of audience registration and on-site event management, as well as post-event communications and sales lead management.