Our thinking is what makes us unique

The Foundation

In the always-on digital society, people need to be able to connect and engage with you at any time and on just about any device. Most of the time, they’ve already developed an opinion of your business before you’ve even had direct contact with them . Giving people what they want from your business, when they need, in a relevant and memorable way is what great brand communications is all about. With the latest data science, intent and AI technology, we can uncover who is looking, what they want to see and how best to communicate with them.

Our Process

delivering relevant & memorable experiences

We (that’s you, me, all of us) prefer brands that deliver relevant and memorable experiences that connect with us on an emotional and rational level.

We want to get what we need from a brand at the right time. We want experiences to be relevant, authentic and in context with our needs, wherever we are in our buying journey. That’s why Bang has incorporated data practice into our strategic development, because it’s a smarter way to achieve contextual engagement with potential customers, establishing a connection that sticks.

Connect on a rational & emotional level

In the Bang studio we have a talented group of designers, developers and copywriters who come in everyday with one thing on their minds: to help our clients’ brands thrive with intriguing and compelling creative solutions that connect.

Yes they listen to a lot of Spotify and, yes, they drink a lot of very expensive take away coffee while they do it – but if that’s what it takes to produce award-winning creative that connects and engages with your many different audiences… then so be it.

Lead people through their buying decision journey

People expect to be able to engage with your business wherever, whenever and on any device. . For this reason, incorporating great user experience (UX) design, with intuitive information architecture for mobile and emerging technologies into your strategy is a must. This is a big part of what we do.

Analytics tools, like our proprietary Campaign[x], allow us to measure our performance throughout this journey in real time, and make changes and optimisations when necessary to enhance the campaign.

Applying KPI objectives to each stage of the campaign and, using tools like attribution modelling, we can understand which tactics are performing well.

long term profitable & sustainable relationships

When people buy from you, it isn’t the end – it’s only the beginning of a whole new relationship cycle! Bang works with you to keep your brand relevant along the journey, maintaining long-term profitable relationships with your audiences. Our integrated client engagement platforms work right through the customer decision journey so you can maintain an open two-way relationship with all your loyal customers.

Delivering the right content, at the right time to the right person

Translating collated data into ideas that positively impact long or short term campaigns takes expertise and understanding. We analyse relevant data and feed learnings into the development of market leading strategy, cutting edge creative and execution. The results can be evaluated at any stage, fuelling optimisations based on key goals and objectives.