Intent Data

The details

Bang uses intent data as part of our marketing model and is Bombora’s exclusive agency partner in ANZ. By understanding which organisations are researching and consuming what content we understand ‘interest’ at an organisational level and through this observed behaviour can calculate potential ‘intent’ to take an action. 

Why utilise intent data? Think about the process you take before making a purchase decision - you engage in online research. We’re applying that real and practical example to our customers products and services and the insights are proving invaluable. We know that purchase decisions are influenced by a broad range of content sources and insights into the types of content key decision makers are consuming can help identify purchase intent. Combining intent data with account based marketing can help you target and reach everyone involved in the decision making process.

Bang combines data science and digital creative to optimise lead generation, marketing communications and campaign execution at precisely the right time to the right people. We are specialists with a unique solution to data targeting and marketing communications. Get in touch to find out more. 

The proof