S&P Indices


How to explain a complex offering with a simple idea

When S&P speaks, the world listens. When they teamed up with the ASX to launch their range of Fixed Income Indices, it was the first time Australians had the chance to independently benchmark the performance of these investments. But would it be simple enough for ordinary investors to understand?

​The Challenge

Investors know they can trust S&P and ASX information. Their anxiety forms around whether they can understand and interpret it. We needed a way to reassure investors that S&P’s financial data is not only reliable, it also gives you the key facts with clarity and certainty.

The Solution

This clever campaign design evokes the confusion of data overload that investors experience. Then it cuts through the information clutter to provide a simple message – S&P indices offer clear, concise information. It’s all they need to know.

​The Process

S&P and the ASX selected Bang after a multi-agency pitch. We applied S&P Indices’ fresh new logo and brand theme across two bold designs.

Working with media-buying partner DWA, Bang rolled out an integrated ad campaign in key financial papers, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Age, Australian and the AFR.

We backed it with an online campaign accessible via a QR code, and extended it to out-of-home lift and lobby placements in key locations across Sydney and Melbourne CBDs.