Gamification suits some campaigns perfectly. Here we help ServiceNow use a fun digital engagement platform to communicate about their innovative IT service management offering.

​The Challenge

ServiceNow needed a way to increase the visibility of its leading cloud-based IT Service Management platform among IT directors, managers and CIOs in top enterprises across Asia Pacific and ANZ.

They asked us to come up with an engaging concept that would increase engagement and encourage their audience to give their service a try.

The Solution

ServiceNow and Bang agreed a gamification-style demand generation campaign was in order. Prospects would be targeted via LinkedIn InMail, which would encourage them to register to demo ServiceNow’s solution.

However, a key issue remained: How would we ensure our audience would register for the demo?

First, we created a concept featuring a fun online quiz – “The Stress Test.” Instead of focusing on ServiceNow’s solution right away, the InMail challenged the audience to test their own stress levels. We asked respondents, “How Stressed Are You?” in relation to their current IT service tools, with five simple yet interactive questions.

The stress test promised to “help you diagnose what’s causing the biggest headaches at work, and figure out how to transform IT from the repetitive – to the innovative.”

We also incentivised test respondents, explaining that anyone who takes part automatically enters a competition draw for a “de-stressing” two-hour massage package for their entire office!

In this way, the campaign used humour, a sense of fun, and a digital game to get across the benefits of the ServiceNow solution – in essence, a soft sell that would prove far more engaging than your typical, cut and dry B2B campaign.

The Results

The campaign was a great success.

InMails were sent to over 13,000 people with a click-through rate (CTR) of 17% - a leap above LinkedIn’s 3-5% benchmarks.

Perhaps best of all, we’ve now launched the campaign globally, with initial roll out across the UK, USA, France and Germany.

To date, over 2,000 people around the world have taken the Stress Test. You can take the Stress Test too if you like at