Masters of Sex


How to get attention on social media

A fun, hot-under-the-collar project, the SBS Masters of Sex app was popular and shareable.


​The Challenge

SBS Australia wanted to get people talking about their hot new show, Masters of Sex through social media.

The Solution

What’s more shareable than sex? Possibly a sex quiz on Facebook. Bang created an app that gave people a taste of the look and feel of the show, and some of the interesting sex facts they’d be learning if they tuned in. Plus they had the chance to win a trip to Hollywood.

The Process

This concept was based on a sexy 1950s office aesthetic, with a pre-digital collection of typewritten files, rubber stamps and scientific diagrams. Bang handled the design, development, testing and launching of the app.

The Results

With 7701 views and 1867 competition entries the app exceeded expectations, creating a fantastic buzz about the show and inspiring SBS to develop more apps to launch their shows.