Only The Good


Why have one when you can have three?

How do you poke fun at the competition – who also happen to be your partners – without crossing the line? And how do you stand out in a competitive market when your profile is comparatively low?


​The Challenge

This quote from Ashif Dhanani, Macquarie Telecom’s Chief Marketing Officer, describes the situation perfectly.

“Macquarie Telecom’s greatest challenge is awareness. Our (business mobility) offer is either superior or on par with the bigger players, yet we struggle with people not knowing who we are. We sought an agency that could drive attention-grabbing marketing activities to gain greater visibility.”

Once Bang was appointed as Macquarie Telecom’s new branding agency, we set to work. We wanted senior corporate decision makers to feel that when they choose Macquarie Telecom for business mobility, they will get the best of all worlds. This is literally the case, as Macquarie Telecom is a multi-carrier business mobility provider offering customers the ability to move between the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks as required.

The Solution

Bang rolled out a digital creative campaign called ‘Only the Good’ using what we call the ‘jester’ brand archetype, applying intelligent humour to poke fun at the competition and raise awareness.

We used humour that gently pokes fun at the competition to achieve cut through in the market. The tactic here integrated the brand colours of Telstra and the yellow mascot of Optus into our own creative treatment, while illustrating the limitations of each stand-alone offering.

The content asked: “Why have one when you can have three? Get the choice, flexibility and control of all three business mobile carriers, without the annoying colours or annoying characters!”

The Results

As Ashif from Macquarie Telecom concludes:

“We’re grateful to Bang for their energy, enthusiasm and ideas. We believe this campaign worked because the media was highly targeted, and the message was appropriately cheeky and fun.”