How to get through CEO gate-keepers

iVis pulls key data into visuals such as graphs and charts, enabling decision-makers to test different scenarios quickly. But first we needed to reach those decision makers.

In this innovative campaign we cut to the chase with a movie-inspired idea backed by a powerful targeting strategy.


​The Challenge

CEOs carefully guard their time and are notoriously difficult to reach. And as we were promoting an IT product, we were in danger of being bounced to the IT department.

First we had to get through the C-Level gate-keepers, then we had to prove we had something that deserved their attention – and we had to do it fast.

The Solution

We reminded ourselves that our target CEO was a person too. In classic business-to-people style, we used a fun creative concept to get their attention and show that not only did we understand their dilemma, we also had a great solution.

Using a mix of direct marketing, social media and digital design, we kept the decision point in easy reach. We also used trusted sources to give us credibility and allow us to fill out the product’s story piece by piece.

​The Process

Our biggest hurdle was building a database – CBA had nothing available, so we leveraged IBM’s Annual Global CEO Survey, which offers invaluable insights. We also used social media to build the database and gain additional insights to the target audience.

We followed up with an offbeat direct mail inspired by movie posters. The idea was to show how iVis cuts to the chase by summing up an entire movie with a single line. As the campaign progressed we continued the conversation on LinkedIn, connecting with leads in small batches to keep it fresh. A high-value telesales team with the technical know-how supported the process.

The Results

The iVis campaign generated 21 immediate qualified leads, plus a pipeline of over 100 opportunities valued at a total of AUD$1.5 million. It was singled out as best practice in 2013 by IBM.