City of Sydney - Glebe


How to unite a diverse community with old-fashioned charm

Bang’s mission was to give Glebe an identity that attracts visitors and makes the precinct a must-see destination on tourist itineraries. Even more importantly the brand had to unify and celebrate the many faces of this bohemian suburb.


The Challenge

With this project we had to balance the needs of local government, businesses, residents and visitors. How could a single strong identity encompass all these different groups and resonate using online and outdoor media?

The Solution

We hit the streets of Glebe, talked to people, explored laneways, drank coffee. We noticed there’s always something happening, whether it’s the markets, a hip new venue or the bohemian street life. The community might be socially and economically diverse, but the place was united by a dramatic resonance – it’s like one big performance space.

To capture this unique personality, we used a theatrical design style featuring characters from classic English nursery rhymes and folklore to

evoke the quirky personality of the much-loved suburb.

​The Process

Bang used Victorian imagery and quaint design to develop logos, the brand identity and collateral. We were briefed to work within guidelines already developed through the City of Sydney’s ‘City of Villages’ brand strategy.

It was crucial for the brand to have multiple touch points throughout the suburb and online. We designed street banners, a website, posters, advertising, postcards, badges, retail promotions and shopping bags. We also worked with the ‘150 Locals’ project to turn Glebe into an outdoor gallery, featuring portraits of Glebe residents in local parks, cafés, restaurants, and out and about on the streets.