Banging Gifts for the Archetypes in Your Life

Banging Gifts for the Archetypes in Your Life

Christmas is a unique time where we critically assess the special people in our lives and attempt to encompass their traits, hobbies and loves into a single gift - all wrapped up in the hope that you’ve hit the mark. The Bang archetype blog series so far has revealed the unique personalities of some of the world’s most famous chefs, highlighting how differentiation and business success can be taken to the next level by aligning your brand with a key archetype.

People fit into archetypes too and what better time of year than to use this knowledge to uncover fitting gifts to resonate with everyone on your list. Bang’s Christmas gift guide reveals local designers and artisans creating unique gifts for all the special archetypes in your life.


These guys want to stand out in a crowd. At the work Christmas party they’re the one requesting exotic cocktails at the bar and looking glam despite the December heat (in something they probably made themselves). This Christmas they want statement accessories that draw on someone else’s creativity for once. Anti-Pastel Pavlova earrings are as festive as they are loud.



Notoriously hard to shop for! Rulers have high standards and can expect great things from their significant others when it comes to Christmas gifts. They’re the project managers of your life, on time and in charge. Show them how much you appreciate them this Christmas with something special from Debra Fallowfield. Her handcrafted designs are extraordinary gifts for uncommon people.



That one friend that always gives the best gifts! They are generous and compassionate, making time for you and never expecting anything in return. Christmas is their favourite season and it’s not uncommon to hear them humming jingle bells to themselves in the morning. Caregivers like to nurture so give them a gift that keeps giving this year with a seed pack for the backyard veggie patch.



For the eternal optimist you know they need a gift that comes guilt free. For Innocents they’re pure and faultless, encouraging the office to recycle and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. This Christmas they need the type of pampering that only comes with the peace of mind that the products they’re using are not only eco-friendly - but also go towards helping other communities in need. Anything from the Thankyou Wash range is sure to make them smile this Christmas.



With all the added events in our social calendars around this time of year you can expect to get stuck in a few long conversations. Uncomfortable topics, pointless trivia and hard-hitting questions might be a drag for you but for the Sage’s in your life it’s the perfect time to learn more and share their wisdom. Give them another talking point this year with a gift certificate to Workshop in Sydney’s Redfern. There’s lots of different courses from making polymer clay beads, to gin distilling and taxidermy. They’ll be thrilled at the chance to learn something new!



As we get closer to the Christmas break you can be sure to have heard the adventurous holiday plans of the Explorers in your life. They’re ambitious and highly motivated always looking for new experiences. They will do almost anything to avoid boredom, the resident foot-tapper, pen-clicker and Spotify playlist guru. Turn their every commute into an adventure with a locally made Belance Backpack and they’ll think of you as often as they consider the allure of the open road.



We wish you a merry Christmas and a consumerist new year… but if you know an Outlaw, you’ll know they’re happy to break the rules for the greater good and are the first to suggest major change in the form of a new method for doing something that’s always just come as habit. For the free thinkers in your life constantly challenging the status quo and sticking up for the little guy, Christmas waste can seem a societal norm that needs fresh perspective and change! This year gift them a reusable beeswax wrap from Honey Bee wrap to show them you really do care about their campaign to end unnecessary waste (and whatever else it is they’re fighting for…)



Beware of decision fatigue this Christmas season. With so many choices to make we can become irrational in our responses. Of course this isn’t a problem for the Magicians among us who are constant trusted advisors in any chaotic situation. They are the clever deep thinkers that give poignant answers to simple questions. The kind of people we trouble with trivial printer problems not realising they’re busy changing the world. A Clemens Habicht’s colour puzzle will have them living beyond the realm of reality.



We all want to feel appreciated at Christmas time but none more so than the Heros who live amongst us in relative normalcy until they step up and achieve great things. He’s the guy who catches the spider everyone else is freaking out about, or the chick who pulls an all nighter to finish off the group task. Make them feel heroic from the inside out with speciality local underwear from Stonemens.



Spend time this giving season considering the person who fits into almost every situation and is there for you at every turn. You can’t remember whether they like cats or dogs better but know they’d get along just fine with both. The Everyman needs a practical and real gift for daily life, a gift that could be shared with all of humanity - even though they’re also the friend who is happy with any gift and truly believes it’s the thought that counts. An Afternoon with Albert leather cord roll is the perfect gift sure to please just about anyone.



They’re the life of the party and the reason for many of your yuletide hangovers. Always living in the moment, they’re a source of constant entertainment and fun.The perfect source of ideas and suggestions for Christmas gatherings, they can sway even the boss to knock off early on Friday. Don’t get on their bad side this Christmas with a dodgy gift. Surprise them with a beautiful pair of shoes from Rollie Nation, sure to get any party started.



For all the lovers out there, Christmas is a time to get intimate and revel in the closeness that comes with December festivities. They have an appreciation for beautiful things and can get lost in the sensory experience of selecting paper stocks and the wrapping of gifts. The Lover wants to know you care and see you put effort into the relationship. Avoid the reluctant stand off this Christmas and approach the Lovers you know with handcrafted Chocolate gems made locally in Sydney by Unbirthday Bakery.