Bang gets a big tick for global best practice

Bang gets a big tick for global best practice

How buyer behaviour is changing

In the digital age, business-to-business buyers are still gathering information, looking for solutions, and comparing options before they contact you.

The difference today is that customers are doing a lot of this process themselves online and across social media channels. In other words, these clients increasingly find you when they are ready to research and plan a purchase. In fact IBM suggests that by the time a customer contacts you, they are already 70% along the buyer’s journey.

That’s why it’s so important to be visible with great and compelling content when a customer’s buying journey starts, to stay up to date with web and social marketing, and to use strategic digital campaigns to jump-start your approach to market. And connecting through social channels can also increase margins by as much as 60%, according to IBM.

One of the digital campaigns we produced for IBM Australia and New Zealand, with its channel partner Fujitsu, has just been given an exciting worldwide distinction.

The campaign, named ‘Predict The Unknown’, has been selected as the ‘global best practice IBM channel marketing campaign for 2014’.

And if that wasn’t enough of a thrill, this “global best practice selection” will be formally unveiled and announced in late October at none other than IBM’s worldwide ‘big data’ conference: IBM Insight 2014 held in Las Vegas.

Check out our IBM campaign work

You can take a look at the IBM / Fujitsu campaign ‘Predict The Unknown’ over here.

And while you’re there, the runner up for global top spot was in fact another Australian Bang campaign in collaboration with IBM and local partner CEBS. The IBM / CEBS campaign ‘Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes’ can be seen here.

What this means for digital marketing strategy

Aside from the honour itself, this selection for ‘Predict the Unknown’ says a few things about the state of digital marketing today and underlines the trends IBM is seeing in the way businesses purchase around the globe. Bang recognises these buyer behaviour changes, and we’re incorporating this into our thinking to maximise results.

In this campaign, Bang worked closely with IBM and Fujitsu to take a complex and highly targeted set of “pain point plus solution” messages to the market – targeting 400 quality ‘white space’ contacts across four different industries: transportation, energy and utilities, resources, and manufacturing.

With three distinct “nurture” phases in the campaign, art direction and copy is tailored differently for each industry as we raise awareness and move them along the buying journey.

This is done with a series of touchpoints per industry, which communicate all the relevant information. To date, the campaign has reached the end of phase one, and is already producing high-value sales and marketing leads.

If you’d like to talk to Bang about creating digital creative campaigns with customised content, get in touch today.