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10 reasons to use Facebook for B2B Marketing

Strategy, Digital, Trends

We often hear from B2B companies that Facebook and Instagram Ads don’t work for them, most of the time without even trying. I suggest you visit some of your competitors’ websites, and then open your social media accounts and pay attention to the ads that will target or “retarget” you. 

Customer Journey Mapping - An Empathetic Approach To Your Marketing And Sales Strategy

Branding, Strategy, Digital

Customer Journey Mapping is one of our favourite planning tools here at Bang. It allows you to create a visual representation of your customer’s journey from the research stage, through to purchase, and onto advocacy for your brand, product or service. 

How It Resellers Miss Opportunities To Sell Their True Value

Digital, Branding, Strategy

Everyday at Bang we meet IT resellers who are going through an identity crisis. Often they don’t even know it. They just know something is wrong but can’t quite put their finger on it. And while they have products and services to offer their market, they’re not hitting the goals for their business.

Bang Acquired By NEXTGEN

News, Digital

Fast growing IT aggregator and facilitator NEXTGEN has acquired Bang Australia, specialists in IT marketing and branding. 

No-One Knows Your Body Like You Do


February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Bang has been lucky enough to work with Cancer Australia on their campaign.

Why Are We Brand Foundation Preachers?

Branding, Strategy

Here at Bang, we liken Brand Foundations to building a house: If you build a house with a couple of messy bricks and fill in the gaps with whatever you can find to make it look okay, it will not last and will eventually collapse. If you want good, lasting results, you need to invest time and effort in building a lasting structure that will support your dreams well into the future.

The Importance Of Face-to-face Communication


Developments in technology have changed the way in which we communicate in both our social and professional lives. With speed being a major component in today’s growing digital environment, this shift has led many of us to underestimate the power and importance of face-to-face communication.