From SaaS to MaaS: Bang evolves along with its clients

From SaaS to MaaS: Bang evolves along with its clients

One of the biggest trends of recent years among our clients has been a shift to a subscription-based service model, or Software as a Service (Saas). Bang has watched and listened and is now getting on the bandwagon too - with a simple and convenient as-a-service offering for companies looking to tap into the benefits of a bold, compelling online presence for their business.

The SaaS seachange among our clients and in the industry as a whole has been driven by a number of factors. On one hand, it is undoubtedly helpful for the company selling the product - which becomes able to enhance the consistency of their cash flow. But most of all it benefits their customers, who are able to spread their costs, relieve themselves of many support and upgrade functions, while receiving the functionality they need with greater convenience.

In fact, it’s not just in the IT sector that the as-a-service model has exploded. Just think of Netflix, Dollar Shave Club and many other innovative companies who, for a reasonable monthly fee, deliver what you need, right to your door/laptop, for little more than the click of a button.


New model, new marketing challenges

For all of its benefits, the one area where the swing towards SaaS has brought with it new difficulties is in marketing: those companies who are now primarily selling software by subscription rather than large hardware shipments must learn to talk to their customers in a way that builds long-term loyalty  - and that means having an ongoing conversation.

As a digital marketing company who has helped many of the companies who are today selling Software as a Service to make the concurrent shift in their marketing strategy that must go along with that, we’ve also paid close attention to the shift towards as-a-service models within our client base.

As a result, we’ve come up with a new as-a-service model in order to better serve our customers’ needs. These need include a demand for a convenient and cost-effective way to tap into all of the advantages of an effective digital presence while keeping to a minimum the support and maintenance functions around that and spreading the cost over a longer period of time.


Managed Service - We managed the digital headaches, you manage the business

“We’ve seen how a key barrier, especially for a lot of the smaller organisations we work with, is the investment needed into marketing services, whether it’s site development or content plans. It’s traditionally been a fairly large upfront cost,” says Martin Mason, Bang’s Managing Director.

“We decided to change first the way we benefit those customers of ours, creating the opportunity to gain this advantage while consuming it as a much more palatable operational expense.”

In the Managed Service package, our clients get the benefit of a compelling digital presence that properly represents their brand while Bang manages, monitors and updates the site on an ongoing basis for a monthly subscription. The package comes with a built-in content component that ensures you are remaining relevant to your audiences and increasing your search rankings.


Digital dilemma? Not really.

While some clients - particularly in the traditionally sales-driven IT sector - continue to question the value of an optimised digital online presence, Mason suggests such sceptics consider how they themselves make purchasing decisions for anything of significant value today.

“If you’re thinking of buying a car, a holiday, how do you make that purchase? It’s pretty rare you’d go and spend your Saturday in a car showroom; nowadays you go in to make the final deal. You’ve already discovered what brand you want, what price you expect to pay, and what you like about it - mostly online.”

“Moreover, when I talk to executives they tell me most of their decision-making time for company investments is spent on their mobile, on a supplier’s site, while they are at the airport or in a taxi,” he said.

Ready to start building demand?

With management, maintenance and optimisation safely in Bang’s expert hands and costs spread reassuringly over the year, you can sit back and watch your site generate demand as you get on with what you do best. Find out more about how Bang’s Managed Service package can start building demand for your business, without the usual headaches, by getting in touch:

Check out our next blog for the latest update on Bang’s other new offering: lead generation packages designed to plug into your marketing strategy on demand.