How to inject a little bit of fun into branding theory

It’s much easier to relate to a personality than a faceless organisation That’s why we develop brands – to reveal the personality of a company. Whether it’s a Ruler (like Qantas) or an Outlaw (like Virgin), archetypes are a great way to flesh out a brand, putting meat on the bones of a mission statement or a corporate vision.


​The Challenge

At Bang, we often find ourselves explaining the theory of archetypes to new clients, as a first step in developing a brand. We wondered, how can we make it a bit more fun?

The Solution

Bang developed ‘Sparketypes’, the first ever app that allows people to discover their own archetype, and learn a little about how the archetype theory works at the same time.
It’s a fun way to understand yourself better, as well as the people you meet. You can use it to cultivate your social or professional image, or just as a great ice-breaker at parties!

​The Process

By answering 36 questions you are matched into one of 12 archetype profiles, including the Lover, Caregiver, Creator and Explorer. There’s also descriptions on the strengths and weaknesses for each.

Along the way, you’ll get a great insight to the way archetypes work and how powerful they can be in unlocking creative ways of seeing your business.

Give Sparketypes a try.

The Results

More than 1,000 people have discovered their personal brand archetype – what’s yours?