The hidden benefit of Heart Bleed

The hidden benefit of Heart Bleed

Over the past fortnight the tech news world has been frantically reporting the Internet sky is falling, all due to Heart Bleed.

Heart bleed is a security bug in the open-source Open SSL cryptography library, widely used to implement the Internet's Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. It gives hackers a point of entry in to your personal accounts – bank, email, social media profiles, etc. – through which they can extract personal information. Although they can’t select specific information, they can cast a fishing net through your accounts that could yield all sorts of personal details, including your bank account passwords. Enough said? 

It is a serious issue and, at the very least, you should invest time to change all your passwords once the platform updates their servers with the fix. A good list to check what has been updated is here.

This also may be an opportunity to investigate a password manager like Last Pass or 1Password, which has made my digital life so much simplier.

Besides updating all your passwords (which we should all do regularly, and most don’t). 

This process also has an additional benefit, which is a chance to review your digital footprint. List where your company and personal profile are online, check if they are accurate and up to date and also decide if you need to be on that platform/service and remove any profiles that aren’t necessary.

This process will be probably be onerous the first time, however if you make it a regular part of your online housekeeping, you can ensure your business and personal digital identities always look professional.